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Vegetables – Section A


1.  Five potatoes: one variety, white.

2.  Five potatoes: one variety, coloured.

3.  Five onions: one variety, set, flat or globe.

4.  Five onions: one variety, seed, flat or globe.

5.  Six shallots: universal.

6.  Three carrots: one variety, long, maximum foliage 2 inches.

7.  Three beetroot: one variety, round, maximum foliage 2 inches.

8.  Four runner beans: one variety.

9.  Five tomatoes: one variety.

10.  Truss of tomatoes: any colour.

11. Three chillies: any variety.

12. Any other vegetable.

13. Three leeks.

14.  One marrow.

15.  One cucumber.

16.  One squash.

17. Variety of herbs.

18. One potato: heaviest.

19. One marrow: heaviest.

20. One pumpkin: heaviest.

21. One leek: heaviest.

22. Three giant onions.

23. One odd shaped vegetable.

Flowers – Section B


24. Three home grown flowers.

25. Six home grown flowers.

26. Three sunflowers.

27. Floral table decoration.

Fruit – Section C


28. Six apples: one variety, dessert.

29. Six apples: one variety, cooking.

30. Six pears: one variety.

31.Six plums: one variety.

32. Nine blackberries.

33. Nine raspberries.

34. Any other fruit: one variety.

Home Produce – Section D


35. Jar of jam: stone fruit.

36. Jar of jam: soft fruit.

37. Jar of fruit jelly.

38. Jar of any other preserve: marmalade, curd, etc.

98. Jar of pickled vegetable.

40. Jar of fruit chutney.

41. Jar of vegetable chutney.

42. Three hen’s eggs.

Arts and Crafts – Section E


43. Article of handiwork: crochet.

44. Article of handiwork: knitted.

45. Article of handiwork: needlecraft.

46. Article of handiwork: ceramic, pottery, wood, hand painted glass.

47. Handmade garment.

48. A soft toy.

49. An article of jewellery.

50. Handmade garden ornament.

51. Handmade greetings card.

52. Digital greetings card.

53. Black and white drawing – pencil.

54. One painting.

Photography – Section F


55. Photograph: scene or landscape.

56. Photograph: animal or animals.

57. Photograph: bird or birds.

58. Photograph: insect or insects.

59. Photograph: flowers or plants.

60. Photograph: one person.

61. Photograph: several people.

62. Photograph: Clapham 2017.

63. Photograph: funny.

Cookery – Section G 


64. Red Velvet Cake – see set recipe.

65. Scones x 6 – sweet or savoury.

66. Chocolate Chip Cookies x 6.

67. Cup Cakes x 6.

68. Macarons x 6.

69. Bedfordshire Clanger x 2 – traditional suet or pastry of your choice.

Set Recipe : 

Red velvet cake


For the cake

For the icing



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