Schedule : Young Age Groups

There are three age groups for entry into these classes – age is at the date of the show (9th September 2017)

Group A : Under 9      Group B : Under 13      Group C : Under 18

Flowers – Section P


70. A, B and C    Floral table decoration.

71. A, B and C   Sunflower.

72. A, B and C   Cress head.

Arta & Crafts – Section Q


73. A, B and C   Handmade scarf or other garment.

74. A, B and C   Soft toy.

75. A, B and C   Handmade garden ornament.

76. A, B and C   Article of jewellery.

77. A, B and C   Black and white drawing – pencil.

78. A, B and C   One painting.

79. A, B and C   Coloured drawing – pencils.

80. A, B, and C  Digital art A4 size.

81. A, B and C   Lego construction.

82. A, B and C   YouTube video.


83. A, B and C   Miniature garden (in a standard seed tray).

84. A, B and C   Plasticine, playdoh or modelling clay sculpture.

Photography – Section R


85. A, B and C   Photograph: scenic or landscape.

86. A, B and C   Photograph: animal or animals.

87. A, B and C   Photograph: bird or birds.

88. A, B and C   Photograph: insect or insects.

89. A, B and C   Photograph: flowers and plants

90. A, B and C   Photograph:  one person.

91. A, B and C   Photograph: several people.

92. A, B and C   Photograph: Clapham 2017.

93. A, B and C   Photograph: funny.

Cookery – Section S 


94. A, B and C   Home cooked and decorated chocolate biscuits x 6.

95. A, B and C   Rocky road x 6.

96. A, B and C   Cupcakes x 6.


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