1. All Exhibitors in all Sections must be of an amateur status and themselves must have produced the exhibits and live in the Parish of Clapham or Exhibitors must be Clapham Parish Council Allotment Holders with produce grown on the allotment.

2. All exhibitors must fill in the Entry Form stating in which classes they intend to exhibit and all entry fees must be paid when submitting Forms to the secretary or steering group, preferably by Wednesday 6th September 2017, but entries on the day of the show will be accepted between 08.00 – 09.30 am.

3. Exhibitors must not make more than one entry in any class.

4.  On the day of the show, all exhibits must be staged between 08.00am and 09.45am, after which the Exhibition area will be closed for judging and no persons will be allowed in.

5. On the day of the show, for each exhibit, Exhibitors will receive a card, which will be numbered on one side and will carry the Exhibitors name on the other. These cards must be placed name side down beside the exhibits so that the Judges do not see the names until their decision has been made.

6. Vases will not be provided. Tables will only be provided with paper coverings where circumstances allow.

7. All exhibits, personal property, etc. will be the responsibility of the exhibitor. The committee will not be liable for any loss or damage due to any cause whatsoever.

8. The Judges and steering group’s decisions will be final and there will be no right of appeal against their decisions.

9. Exhibits must not be removed from the Exhibition area before 3.30pm and then must be cleaned up by 4pm.

10. All cups and trophies are perpetual unless otherwise stated and will be held by the winners until 31st July 2018, on which date they must be returned to the secretary.

11. Any item, which has won a prize at a previous show, is not eligible for entry.


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