A month to go!

Wow, hard to believe we only have a month to go!

We’re so excited about this year’s show and have lots of new goodies for you. How about pony rides for your little ones?

CShow Layout 1_Cover




We need your help please

Clapham Show is for the village – it is a celebration of all that is good about Clapham.  The people, the organisations, the clubs and groups, the businesses, the skills of everyone and having fun!

We have quite a few new ideas for 2011 and we want to know if there are specific things you would like to see and/or do next year.  We have already had the feedback that the old-fashioned races were a good idea – we may even have a wheelie-bin race next time!  That should be fun.

Have a look at the schedule and see if there are any classes that you would like to have entered into it.

Can’t wait – and it will soon come round again – tempus fugit!

Looking back at the Show

A week has passed since the Show – thank you all for coming.  We asked for feedback from people who attended and, woo hoo, it was all positive, big smiles all round!

The very lovely David Fletcher opened the Show and was there for people to have their antiques valued.  He had a good afternoon and said one of the visitors had a gorgeous tea service.

Our very own MP, Alistair Burt, and our very own Councillor, Jane Walker, both came to the show.  Great to see them, both from our point of view and from the feedback from visitors, and we are very appreciative that they made the time to attend.

The standard of show entries was excellent and the Judges had a hard time deciding which were first, second and third in many cases.  The auction of entries later was very successful ~ spreading the enjoyment!

The Bedfordia 5-a-side football tournament got under way before the start of the show and was enjoyed by many spectators and players.  Unfortunately there was one spectator who spoilt it for the rest – shouting and swearing abusive comments at the referee.  It is to the ref’s credit that he paid no heed and carried on with the game in the same manner of fairness and integrity that he always does.  Clapham Colts do wonderful things in our village and all give their time and efforts free of charge – we could not host the Bedfordia Cup without their help and at the moment, whether or not they participate in next year’s show hangs in the balance.

The Bedfordia Cup was eventually won by the Clapham Club for the second year running – well done!  And we’d like to thank Suzanne Hodgkiss (IT Manager for Bedfordia) for coming to present the Cup.

Looks like we will have to do the races again next year – those who took part had a great time, especially the ones in the egg and spoon race who found out that not all the eggs were hard-boiled – smile.

We’ve had some really nice e-mails and phone calls from people who participated with activities and stands and who want to come back again next year – thank you, thank you, thank you.  And thank you to all who came and all who helped – you have nearly a year’s grace now!

Don’t forget, it will be on Saturday, 3rd September in 2011.


The family fun mentioned earlier is going back to the good old days and our childhoods – well, some of us!  Good, honest fun in the shape of the old-fashioned races and competitions!

How do you fancy doing the egg and spoon race? Or the sack or three-legged races?  How about the wonderful Tug-of-war?  Really looking forward to these – oh yes, and they will each have 3 events : under 5, under 12 and adult.

There will also be an obstacle race for the under 5s and under 12s.

I have a feeling there will be lots of digital cameras used this September!  Even more next year, when we add new races!

Congratulations on the MBE!

Rene Garrard & Margaret Oakley

Rene Garrard has been awarded the MBE, fantastic news!  Rene does an incredible amount of work for charity.

Rene and her late husband retired in 1982 and got involved with the Bedford hospitals charity.  Rene also did four years helping with the fund raising at St Johns Hospice  at Moggerhanger.

Rene is still involved with the hospital fund raising and helps at the hospital bric a brac stall inside the hospital on Tuesdays and various other stalls.

Rene also supports the Bedford Guild House and did the reception desk a couple of times a week and was a trustee. Unfortunately Rene gave this up because of illness.

Rene’s husband died in 2008; he had done a lot of the lifting and carrying  for the charity.   He died in Bedford Hospital and Rene has only praise for the staff, they were wonderful.

That’s the reason Rene will be at Clapham Show ~ supporting both The Guild House and Bedford Hospital.  Do go along and say hello – and congratulations!

All fired up!

We had a Steering Group meeting yesterday evening.  We’re very grateful to Clapham Club, for being kind enough to let us have our meetings there.  Bonus, as we can have a wee tipple at the same time.

We had two lovely new ladies join us, Brenda & Julia, and their fresh new ideas and enthusiasm fired us all up.  It was twice as long as usual but, boy, was it productive!

We’re going to introduce some new features this year – family fun!

We also hope to have other surprise additions but as it is getting near to the date, we’ll not publicise them.  If we cannot do it this year, we will definitely do it next.

Good news!

Two great e-mails confirming people coming to the Show.

The first from Jane Walker, our Councillor on Bedford Borough Council and the second from Alistair Burt, our Member of Parliament.  Great news that these two very busy people will be with us on the day.

Alistair Burt

Alistair Burt is currently Parliamentary Under Secretary of State, Foreign & Commonwealth Office, Minister for the Middle East & South Asia.  He has served, very successfully through a lot of hard work, as the Member of Parliament for North East Bedfordshire since 2001.

Alistair’s web site is www.alistair-burt.co.uk

Jane Walker

Jane Walker is our Councillor with Bedford Borough Council.  She represents the Clapham Ward, which consists of Clapham, Milton Ernest and Thurleigh.

You can see from the website how busy Jane is on various committees and appointments to outside bodies. http://www.bedford.gov.uk

Red Arrows

Last year we were so lucky to have the Red Arrows fly over the event – what an amazing sight it was.  The picture at the top of the blog is from that.  The double bonus was that a fantastic Lancaster flew over after they did.  Massive thank you to the RAF and all they do.

This year, we have requested that they fly over again.  The decision is down to the wonderful men and women at Cranwell and depends upon two main factors.  One is the marvellous unpredictable British weather and the other is what they have going on during the date requested.  We do not know whether they will be there or not until a fortnight before the Show.

The Red Arrows  http://www.raf.mod.uk/reds/ are world-renowned for their precision, professionalism and expertise. They are superb ambassadors for the RAF and our country.

The Red Arrows Team

All nine Red Arrows display pilots are fast jet pilots from frontline Royal Air Force squadrons.  Once they have finished their three-year tour with the Team they will return to their Royal Air Force duties.

To apply for selection to the Team, pilots must first meet certain stringent criteria:  They must have a minimum of 1,500 flying hours,  have completed a frontline tour and be assessed as being above average in their flying role.

Huge cheer for our heroes!