A month to go!

Wow, hard to believe we only have a month to go!

We’re so excited about this year’s show and have lots of new goodies for you. How about pony rides for your little ones?

CShow Layout 1_Cover




April 2011

Jumping grasshoppers, it’s already April and the Show is in 5 months!  High time to start the planning and preparation ~ thank goodness there is a great team to do everything :-)

This year’s show will be on Saturday, 3rd September.  It will start at 1.00 pm as usual and there will be lots of great attractions and events for everyone!  We’ve already got quite a few bookings, some new and quirky too!

Have you heard of the Cadbury’s Spots and Stripes campaign?  Well, we’re lucky enough to have them coming to the show and playing some good old-fashioned games :-)  Any suggestions from you will be very welcome.

Best get moving then ~ see you in September :-)

We need your help please

Clapham Show is for the village – it is a celebration of all that is good about Clapham.  The people, the organisations, the clubs and groups, the businesses, the skills of everyone and having fun!

We have quite a few new ideas for 2011 and we want to know if there are specific things you would like to see and/or do next year.  We have already had the feedback that the old-fashioned races were a good idea – we may even have a wheelie-bin race next time!  That should be fun.

Have a look at the schedule and see if there are any classes that you would like to have entered into it.

Can’t wait – and it will soon come round again – tempus fugit!

Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love you tomorrow!

So excited, the big day is now tomorrow – only a day away!

Got to get the ribbons today for the three-legged races!  Looking forward to seeing this, plus the egg and spoon race and others.  Must remember the camera.

Unfortunately, the Red Arrows will not be flying over this year – their schedule is always chock-a-block and tomorrow is particularly busy.  We wish them luck.

Yes, we will have a calf and a sheep there, not sure about the ducks yet, we’ll have to wait and see.

There will be lots of stalls with all manner of wondrous things to look at, discover info, play and/or buy.  Enjoy!


The family fun mentioned earlier is going back to the good old days and our childhoods – well, some of us!  Good, honest fun in the shape of the old-fashioned races and competitions!

How do you fancy doing the egg and spoon race? Or the sack or three-legged races?  How about the wonderful Tug-of-war?  Really looking forward to these – oh yes, and they will each have 3 events : under 5, under 12 and adult.

There will also be an obstacle race for the under 5s and under 12s.

I have a feeling there will be lots of digital cameras used this September!  Even more next year, when we add new races!