Two days to go

Oh my goodness, it’s nearly here! Just two days to go.

Today we visited White Park Brewery in Cranfield and Hopping Mad in Olney to pick up the precious barrels of real ale. And, you’ll be pleased to know the ciders are being collected tomorrow.

The list we have on the wall of all the things that have to be confirmed and collected is getting more big red ticks on it now – looks very colourful :-) There is a very positive outlook on the weather, so everyone has their fingers crossed.

We have a new sponsor and supporter for the show – Bullerwell & Co Ltd, Insurance Brokers. We, at the Clapham Show, use Bullerwell for our insurance each and every year because we know they are reliable, trustworthy and friendly. And they’re good at what they do!

BerylAnd we’d also like to give a shout out to Albery Dog Rescue for their support. Beryl has amazingly rehomed over one thousand dogs since founding Albery Rescue.

Very short post as that list will not diminish without some input!



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