11th September

Thank you to all who came to visit us at the Show on Saturday.  The weather angels kept it fine for us and the first raindrops fell as we left about 6.30!

Thank you very much to Alistair Burt, our MP, for coming to the show with his lovely wife, Eve, and their daughter and granddaughter. The next day (Sunday) he was flying out to Yemen – such a hectic schedule!

The Scout Hut was full of amazing entries into the Show – there is so much talent in Clapham! And thank you to the judges who came and made the hard decisions as to who won which class.

Thank you to all our sponsors and supporters – we just couldn’t do it without you.

The remaining raffle prizes were taken out yesterday to the winners and everyone was very happy.

There were many, many people who helped on the day, but special thanks go to Jean and Mick Coy and their friends for the amazing refreshments and the manning of it all; to Jeannette, the caretaker, for help on the day; to Maureen of The Star for managing the bar; Puddleducks Nursery for the sandpit in the arena; Doug & Charlie Tomkins for the fantastic pig races;  Beryl Litchfield for persuading people to part with their money in exchange for raffle tickets; John Shears for the great barbecue; Mark Flemons for all the different things he did; Jenni Jackson and John Paterson for organising the bric-a-brac; Tim Douglas for greeting people as they arrived, and the Parker posse of Tony, Gary, Mark and Gabbie – thank you, thank you, thank you.

And a huge, extra special thank you to Louise Marshall and Louise Tranquada, without whom the actual show entries, judging and awards would not have happened.

Next year the date is Saturday, 6th September and the good news is we’ve had some more people ask to join the Steering Group – onwards and upwards.


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